Party Plan & Tips

The Party Plan

A MyMoneyPower Party is a great excuse to get together and learn some fresh ideas about improving your finances. Your representative will lead the party in a way that's relaxed and enjoyable for your guests.

We suggest you allow about an hour to accomplish the following at your party:
  • Social - Guests mingle and have snacks for the first 20 minutes or so, then the host introduces the MyMoneyPower Representative, who takes it from there!
  • Video - Your rep will introduce the program and then show a ten-minute video describing the Five Fundamentals of MyMoneyPower.
  • Self-Assessment Guide - After the video, guests complete a five minute self-assessment to gain an understanding of where they stand relative to these fundamentals.
  • Discussion - Rep answers general questions, clarifies points, helps interpret assessment results, and then schedules appointments with anyone desiring further help. Nothing is for sale at the meeting so there is no pressure to buy anything!
  • MyMoneyPower Workbook - The workbook is a takeaway for guests to complete after the party. Guests receive the guide as a part of the optional scheduling process at the end of the event.
  • Feedback Form - Completed by party guests at the end of the gathering, this form allows the participant to evaluate the meeting, to indicate areas where financial improvement is desired, and to request addtional service and follow-up.

Tips for a Successful MyMoneyPower Party

Other home parties encourge you to spend, but a MyMoneyPower Party teaches you to save. You and your firends will enjoy learning how to make smart money decisions that really add up over time.
  1. At least a third of the guests will not be able to attend any given day so be sure to invite more than you intend to come.
  2. Follow-up: After your rep has mailed invitations, follow up with your guests with a personal invitation, e-mail and/or by phone. Encourge them to bring a friend.
  3. Plan a snack for the party, but don't overdo it. Neither your guests nor your rep want to make you work too hard.
  4. Send a remainder e-mail or call your guests a few days before the party.
  5. Even out-of-town referrals can tap into MyMoneyPower online, so don't forget to include them.

How to Get Started

  1. Confirm Your Party Date and Time with Your MyMoneyPower Representative
  2. Complete your guest list on the following form located here.
  3. After your rep contacts you to confirm your invitations have been sent, follow-up with your personal invitations to encourage their RSVP.
  4. Send your rep the final guest list (two days before party)
  5. Review your Party Prep checklist:
    TV and DVD player (let your rep know if you need one)
    Light snacks and beverages
    Writing Surfaces

Financial decisions are no laughing matter but there is no reason you can't kick back with friends and family while learning how to improve your financial big picture. You'll share financial insights but your financial situation will remain private. So invite those friends who seem to breeze through life effortlessly, as well as those who hit every bump in the road. Everyone has something to offer and something to learn!

Hosting a Party

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