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Free Program Benefits

Getting involved in the MyMoneyPower financial fitness program is fast, easy and best of all FREE, and includes the following tools to help build your MoneyPower:

  • MyMoneyPower Coaching and Consultation - Utilizing our exclusive Workbook and Free Assessment we provide ongoing consultation to keep you focused on your goals and provide guidance on financial fitness issues.
  • MyMoneyPower Savings Site - Free access and membership to numerous discount programs that greatly reduce costs and increase savings including:
    • MyMoneyPower Motivano - The MyMoneyPower Motivano Discount Marketplace is one of the largest discount marketplaces in the US, providing access to thousands of merchant brands.
    • Free Universal Pharmacy - The myMoneyPower Universal Drug Store is an online Canadian pharmacy. Prescription drugs can be purchased from Canada at deep discounts. 20% to 80% Savings compared to traditional mail-order prescriptions

Choose your best path to financial fitness:

You can work with a MyMoneyPower Representative directly or master MyMoneyPower financial fitness concepts with your family and friends.

Create Your Own Personal Plan

Work directly with a MyMoneyPower Representative who will guide you through the MyMoneyPower Workbook, a short educational guide that outlines easy-to-follow steps for evaluating and improving your financial fitness. Through personalized consultation and recommendations, you’ll gain a solid understanding of how to look at money options and identify steps for improvement.

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Host A MyMoneyPower Party

Help your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers take charge of their financial future by hosting a MyMoneyPower Party.

A MyMoneyPower Representative will visit your home to share financial fitness ideas, providing guests with a MyMoneyPower Workbook and free ongoing support.

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Plus Add These Benefits At Any Time:

  • Green Energy Consultation -- Consultation with an engineering firm specializing in providing green energy solutions to homeowners. Includes advice on how to implement simple energy-saving solutions that reduce your energy bill and might even result in tax savings.
  • MyMoneyPower Insurance Review -- Your MyMoneyPower Representative is a licensed insurance agent who can assist you in evaluating your overall life and health insurance needs. Find out how you can reduce costs or increase coverage by asking for help in this important area of your finances.

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