Five Fundamentals

To learn more about how these five financial fundamentals work and start building your MoneyPower today – watch the brief video.

Knowing how to make the right decisions about money is critical to your personal and family security. Your skill at managing money and creating MoneyPower directly impacts your quality of life and sense of well being. And while it might be true that money can’t make you happy, there’s no doubt that money problems can make you unhappy.

MoneyPower: The gap between what you earn
(income) and what you spend (outflow).

By focusing on the five financial fundamentals below, you can increase your MoneyPower by quantifying and expanding the gap between your income and expenses. This positive income flow, sometimes called discretionary income, is the source of your MoneyPower. By decreasing expenses and/or increasing income, you can boost your positive income flow — the amount of money available each month to accomplish your financial goals.

Mouse over each of the fundamentals for more information:

One: Positive Income Flow
Two: Control Of Short-Term Debt
Three: Protection From Serious Risks
Four: Prepare For Rainy Days
Five: Provide Income For Later In Life

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