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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Maria Hinson
Maria Hinson
Jan 11, 2010


I have been a grocery coupon clipper from the time my little hands were able to hold up a pair of scissors and cut with them.  Every week, my mother would religiously go through the coupon book inserts in the Sunday paper and mark the coupons she wanted me to cut for her.  I would then meticulously cut the marked coupons, one by one, while we talked about our week.  As I got into my teenage years, of course I had better things to do with my time so I stopped coupon clipping with her.

During my college years is when I started to realize the advantages of coupon clipping and the money it saved.  After all, I had to pay for all my food with my hard earned money from a part time job.  Throughout my college years, I was one of the few students that used coupons for groceries – it was a rare sight to see another student holding up the line with a pile of clipped coupons.

Today I have become more coupon conscious then ever with the steady rising prices of groceries.  My coupon organizer is in my purse at all times, which has so many coupons in it that I would not blink if I found out that it weighed more than a pound.

I have found that the internet is a great source for grocery coupons.  There are endless printable coupon sites on the web but my favorite site is  As you go through the pages and select your desired coupons, your coupon savings are displayed in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Once you hit the ‘Print’ button the coupons you selected are printed directly on the paper in your printer.  You do not need any special paper or ink for the coupons; they can be printed directly onto white copy paper in black ink.

Printable coupons can also be found directly on retailer’s websites.  Not as many retailers are shelling out the money for their coupons to be printed in the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts.  Instead they are posting coupons for their products directly on their website.  Ocean Spray has a $1 juice coupon for their juice if you sign up for their ‘Cranberry Club’ and Pillsbury has coupons for all of their branded products on their website.

Online printable coupons usually expire within two weeks of printing so make sure you use them quickly!

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3 Responses to “Save Money by Clipping and Printing Coupons”

  1. I LOVE COUPONS! I too started clipping them for my mom when I was little. She would give me the money she saved!

    I currently have an online listing of 150 coupons available, most of which are printable. Here is the link.

    I hope you and your readers will find it helpful and fun!

  2. Mommy Kennedy – Thank you for sharing your comments. Your blog is a very useful site for deals and coupons!

  3. Well guys, I’m happy to report that we did some good with this thread!

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