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Maria Hinson
Maria Hinson
Feb 17, 2010


I love to travel but don’t like to pay a lot to do it.  Every year I go on an annual trip to a new destination but never pay full price.  Here are my tips on how to go on a budget vacation and still have a great time.

My vacation always starts with finding the best deal I can get on airfare.  My first step is to go to to see how much prices are for flights to my desired destination.  Kayak lets you see the cheapest prices of flights for several months down the road.

After seeing what airlines are charging for the time I want to travel, I set an alert with and wait for the cheapest flights to be emailed to me.  Once I receive an email with a price I like, I book the ticket.

For lodging, I always bid on the price of my hotel through  With Priceline, you pick the area you want to stay in along with the star level and bid the price you are most likely to pay.  Some people do not like Priceline because you do not know the name of the hotel until you win the bid.  As long as you pick a three – five star hotel you are on the safe side.  I have won a bid at The Marriott for $42 per night even though the Marriott website had the same exact room for $129 per night!

Another bidding website I like is  Luxury Link has up to half off packages that include the cost of a luxurious hotel along with extras such as breakfast/dinner and spa treatments.

For my rental car reservation, I prefer to use Priceline to bid on the price.  If Priceline does not accept my bid, I go to to find codes for rental car companies.

Another budget travel website that I have found to be reasonable with their prices is, which offers last minute deals on flight and hotel packages.

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If you have any budget travel tips, please feel free to post them in the comment section!

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