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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds
Jul 01, 2010


I recently upgraded my smart phone from a Blackberry to one of the Android phones. Not only is it a change for me in operating the phone, but there is a world of many, many more applications (both free and paid) that I knew about but never had access to. Although Blackberry does very well with their applications, they don’t scratch the surface when it comes to pure numbers of applications. The reason I bring this up is in the process of searching applications to download and discover, I found that there are also many applications related to budgeting. There are applications that cover everything from daily budgeting, expense management, and saving, to budgeting for a vacation. I received 67 results from my simple search for “budget”. There is even one that helps you budget with virtual envelopes as I discussed in a previous post. Pretty cool.

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One Response to “Let Technology Be Your Guide”

  1. I use the Mint app for my iPhone. It allows me to check my pre-defined budgets by syncing with my bank account online. It automatically categorizes my purchases and updates my budget. It even sends notifications if I am approaching my monthly budget for a certain category. It has allowed me to become a more conscience spender/saver.

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