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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Lauren Chapman
Lauren Chapman
Feb 02, 2010


Animals are a loveable addition to your family. The cost of a pet however, can be overwhelming and sometimes you can find yourself in a pickle trying to pay for all of the expenses for basic procedures. I just got a puppy a couple of months ago and I don’t know how I would have paid for all of her vet bills without the Wellness Plan that Banfield Pet Hospital offers. Banfield offers affordable monthly payment plans that are broken down into four different categories: Primary, Basic, Basic Plus, and Optimum.  You select this plan based on pet’s needs, age, and health. The plans do vary in cost but, not by much!


Banfields Wellness Plan:

For example, one of my dog’s visits required a vaccination (A.K.A. booster shot) and the total for this visit was $118.29. Now this was a series of shots that were needed to properly protect my puppy from disease. I took her to get this shot three times and without the plan I would have paid a total of $354.87. However, I chose to get the Wellness Plan that included the basic vaccinations and this plan only requires me to pay roughly $20 a month for a year. So I walked out paying nothing up front. Now let’s do some math, $20 a month $240 a year. Keep in mind, $354 was just the cost of three visits and I’m still getting covered for all of the other services like the ear exams, heartworm test, dewormer, spaying, dental exams, and the list only grows. This plan keeps my dog healthy all year long and I can afford it.

Banfield is located in 650 local PetSmart’s stores, find one in your area @

Banfield is careful not to label themselves as an insurance program and more as a wellness plan. They do not cover accidents or serious illness expenses. It covers preventive care and costs do not vary based on pet breed or age. While I use and love Banfield, it is not the only option. Carriers do offer pet insurance but it will most likely come with a deductible or co-payment. Insurance plans that offer similar protection for routine care and vaccinations cost $25 – $35 a month. However, pet insurance will be the only option for serious illness and accidents and will cost upwards of $45 a month.

How do you cover your pet’s care costs?

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