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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Lauren Chapman
Lauren Chapman
Jan 08, 2010


Saving money is all about making small obtainable changes in your lifestyle. Sure you might be able to make some drastic change in your life to save some money, but how long would it last? Making too many big changes could set you on the path to disaster. You will find yourself quitting and discouraged. The key is to make small gradual changes rather than overstepping your bounds. Successfully implementing small changes will boost your morale that will allow for you to make even more positive changes in your finance. Here are 8 ideas to help get the ball rolling.

1. Save your change for a rainy day. Take your left over change for the day and put it in a jar. Pretty soon you’ll see the change just pile-up. At the end of the month, roll them up and put them in your savings account. Some banks offer a program where they can automate this. They round up all the purchases you make on your debit card, and the difference is automatically put into your savings account. It might not seem like much, but after a while you will see your savings account accumulate quite a bit of money.

2. Reduce your water flow. Do you catch yourself letting the faucets run when you’re doing dishes and brushing your teeth? Remind your self to turn it off by putting your water bill right next to your sinks. If you still can’t remember, underneath the sink is a shutoff valve that lets you reduce water flow. For more disciplined people, you can also shut off the water while you lather and shave in the shower. Though, you won’t find me doing this in the winter months.

3. Do your own hair. When it’s time to color my hair I just go to Wal-Mart, pick-out the color I’m comfortable with, and do it myself. I always keep a trusty friend at hand to check for any spots I may miss. I also cut my boyfriend’s hair when it starts to get shaggy. Just get clippers with a guard and you should be good to go. With the average salon visit costing upwards of $75, especially with colorings, you could save as much as $900 a year, assuming you hit the salon once a month.


4. Shop consignment stores. There are many resale stores around town. All you have to do is look for them. You’ll find that you will be able to buy more clothes for less and get some pretty cool vintage wear that you won’t see anyone else in. Here is a good article on how to shop vintage from modern hippie mag.

5. Turn down your water heater. Lowering your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit is proven to help you save money on you electricity bill. A lot of the newer heaters come preset at an unnecessarily high temperature. This a very quick and easy step that will make a huge difference. I found that most people save an estimated 30 dollars or more a month. If you have little children, it will serve as safety precaution as well. Check out this post for more frugal water heater tips.


6. Water purifiers. Bottled water is expensive and very wasteful. Why spend money on over priced “Fuji” water if you can purify/filter it yourself? Average pricing for a purifier is about 30 for the purifier alone. The purifier will pay for it’s self with-in a month depending on your bottled water consumption.

7. It all adds up. Keep track of everything you buy, down to a pack of bubble gum. Place your receipts in your wallet and at the end of the day you will see where it has all gone. You will begin to realize how much you spend on unnecessary items and enable yourself to cut those expenses out.

8. Home-made cleaning products. Name-brand cleaning products are expensive and unnecessary. Just get a spray bottle and fill it with a little bit of white vinegar and fill the rest up with water. Spray and wipe away! That is one quick and simple recipe, but there are tons out there. Here is a blog post from another personal finance blog that has a pretty good list, including detergent, glass cleaner, stain removers, and deodorizers.

Photo Credit: formatc1 Bob Jagendorf Klearchos

Share your small money saving tips below! I look forward to reading them!

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