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Derek Allen
Derek Allen
Mar 29, 2010


myMoneyPower is giving away TWO $25 Target Gift Cards to TWO lucky readers! Each reader may only win one prize for this giveaway; there will be TWO winners! Entry into the giveaway is easy, and you may already have entered without knowing it.

Entry is Now Closed

How to Enter

Each method of entry provides the contestant with another chance to win. Complete all four methods for four entries into the giveaway!

1. Leave a comment on this post explaining what you are going to do with the money from your tax return. If you are not expecting a refund, just leave a tax tip for the readers. The best ideas will be featured in a follow up post after the contest ends!

2. Follow us on Twitter and ReTweet this post. Something like, RT @myMoneyPower $50 of Target Gift Cards Giveaway – Be sure to include the @myMoneyPower so we can track your entry! Hint: You can ReTweet this automatically by using the Pass it on box at the end of the post and clicking the Twitter logo.

3. Become a fan of myMoneyPower on Facebook. Anyone that becomes a fan by the contest deadline will be entered to win. Be sure to recommend the page to your friends so that they may be eligible to win as well! Hint: You can do this via the Facebook box on the right sidebar.

4. Subscribe to the myMoneyTree RSS feed. It is the best way to stay connected and to keep up with the latest financial advice. You may subscribe using your favorite news reader or get updates delivered directly to your inbox via e-mail. If you subscribe using a reader be sure to leave a separate comment so that we can track your entry and contact you if you win!

Be sure to leave the correct information in the comment form. E-mail addresses will only be used to contact the winners and will not be shared or published in any way. Participants should leave a comment for each entry. If you are entering multiple times, please just leave a reply to your original comment. If you already completed one of these entries in the past just let us know, and you will automatically be entered for the giveaway.


The deadline for this contest is next Monday, 4/5,  at 11:59 PM EST. At this time entry will be considered closed and the two winners will be determined using a random number generator. The winners will be contacted by e-mail to determine where they would like their new gift cards sent. We look forward to your money saving tips. Good luck and be sure to pass this on to your friends!

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374 Responses to “Target Gift Card Giveaway”

  1. i’m not getting a tax return! :(

  2. fb fan courtney bella

  3. we are getting a new roof with our tax return! also taking some cash aside for the beach this year.

  4. We are paying bills with our tax return!

    falongoesgreen @ gmail dot com

  5. Following your RSS Feed.

    falongoesgreen @ gmail dot com

    Thanks for the chance! =)

  6. I am getting my car fixed and paying off some bills with my tax refund

  7. We’ll be spending our tax refund on our 3 month old baby girl! I love spoiling her!! :)

  8. RSS subscriber :)

  9. We are putting the money away in savings for our emergency rainy-day fund.

  10. I follow you on Twitter and tweeted:

  11. I’m an email subscriber.

  12. I’m a Facebook fan (Mary Happymommy)

  13. pay my state tax

  14. I am saving my refund for emergency fund after paying off my city taxes.

  15. My tax return is already spent – it went to pay medical and dental bills!

  16. We have to fix our truck with our tax return

  17. I follow you on twitter[pkbailey01] & tweeted

  18. My husband had been laid off most of last year so now we are playing catch up with bills

  19. We had to spend it on medical bills.

  20. With my tax return I am going to pay off bills!

  21. We owe big time. My advice, don’t try to sell a house after it losses $80,000 in it’s value and then have to bring so much money to close that you have to take money out of your 401K. Not a good year. The positive thing is that the nightmare is over and now we are the proud homeowners of just one house.

    • Ouch. I’ve spent the last month looking for a house to rent and definitely noticed the flooding of the market. I’m glad it is behind you now, and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

  22. I’m a fb Fan – Jill L

  23. We already got our tax return back, and of course it went to bills :(

  24. I follow on Twitter @pittsy82 and tweeted

  25. I’m a fan on Facebook (Nicole Pitts)

  26. I subscribe via RSS Google Reader

  27. I’m going to treat myself to a manicure with my tax return!

  28. We are putting the majority of our tax return on the principal of our car so we can pay it off and the rest we will be using for vacation money.

    • Eliminating debt, especially something significant like car payments, is always a good idea. Many people fail to realize the impact interest rates can have on big debts.

  29. Follow you on Twitter and Tweeted –

  30. Facebook Fan (SusanBenegas)

  31. We are using our tax return as a deposit on a new apartment initially until we get our security deposit back from our current apartment. It will really help with cash flow, then we will use it to buy one of our big pieces for our new baby like the nursery furniture!

  32. Not getting a return. My only advice is to read all the forms very carefully.

  33. I am going to take my$35.25 cents and buy myself a very nice present….maybe a dinner and a movie?
    Diane Baum

  34. I’ll probably just pay some bills with it

  35. Following MyMoneyPower on Twitter @yoshidoshi

  36. Spending my tax return on my gf’s birthday

  37. I’m not getting a tax return this year, but my advice to others is to not spend it all at once when you get it

    • Definitely a wise choice. I’m going to try to set a % of it away to savings. Use it to boost up my emergency fund. I know my timing belts are going to have be replaced in the near future.

  38. What will I be doing w/ my tax refund? Hopefully paying off my car insurance.

  39. i subscribe. pick me pls! Thx.

  40. I am going to put it toward a new computer.

  41. Following you on Twitter: rhoneygee


  42. Facebook Fan: Rebecca Honey Graham

  43. I am paying off a couple of bills.

  44. I need to buy more fabric dye so I can tie-dye more clothes to sell at my craft shows.

  45. I am using it for traveling to my job.

  46. Get your taxes done early!

  47. I’ll be using it for groceries.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  48. email subscriber

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  49. I’m not required to file a return this year so I’m not getting a refund…
    I’d love to win a target giftcard…thanks for the chance…

  50. I’d be using to get a new laptop!

    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  51. @tcarolinep twitter follower and tweet.

  52. FB fan@tcarolinep JessieKatie S.

  53. I’m a subscriber.

  54. My sister and I are going on a trip to San Antonio (leaving tomorrow, actually), and we’re setting some money aside for our trip to Korea next year.

  55. I am not expecting a return.
    I just watch my pennies though so that I can save up for a vacation (even if it is just aroung the neighborhood).

  56. I’m going to pay bills with my tax return

  57. I got my return in Feb. and paid off some bills and took a small vacation.

  58. this tired mama needs a massage – rest toward bills
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  59. We are not getting a tax refund, we will be paying, hopefully not too much. My tip is to keep an accurate record of all your deductible expenses if you itemize.

  60. I’m a Facebook fan.

  61. I’ll be using it for my move across the country to be closer to my family.

  62. My state return was small so that’s undesignated. The federal return is hopefully going toward a new car.

  63. Twitter follower ky2here1, here’s my tweet:

  64. I am not getting a tax return eaither :(

  65. FB fan of mymoneypower.

  66. We payed up on some bills and put away some for a rainy day you never know what tommarrow holds!

  67. I am a FB f an!

  68. I subscribe via google reader!

  69. I used 1/2 of my return to pay off a credit card and put 1/2 in my vacation savings account. So I paid a bill and will also have some fun.

  70. We’re going put most of our refund into a vacation fund! We want to go to Hawaii next year.

    I like using Turbo Tax (I used to do them by hand but I think Turbo Tax is more thorough). Thanks!

  71. Buy and stock a fifty gallon aquarium with tropical fish.

    • I’m trying to work myself up to a saltwater tank. I’ve had my 10 gallon freshwater for a few years. A fifty gallon sounds like quite the project.

  72. I think I spent mine on bills.

  73. We won’t get a tax return but feel happy for all those who will.

  74. Our tax return helped us get caught up on bills when my husband was laid off.

  75. Jacob LaFountaine

    March 29, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    Keep your bills organized throughout the year

  76. Since I was recently laid off, I am using my tax refund to supplement my now non-existant income.

    Thank you. :-)

  77. thanks for the contest redoing our kitchen

  78. I’ve been unemployed two years now. Power outages in my area are frequent, so I’d like to buy some shelf stable food.

  79. We are not getting a tax refund this year. I donate to my church and to a couple of charities and I always give by either check or money order so I have receipts.

  80. Pay some bills

  81. My tax return is going straight to my car payment.

  82. Unfortunately, catch up on bills.

  83. pay off medical bills!

  84. We are paying down our mortgage with our tax return. Boring but necessary :-)

  85. Following you on Twitter @WendiP and tweeted:

  86. We are planning on using it for a down payment on a foreclosed house. We when then fix them up and rent them out.

  87. paying off some medical bills. with several rare medical disorders and neuroendocrine tumors, the bills are just piling up.

  88. We’re paying down our credit cards & addig to our health savings account with our tax return.

    As each of our credit cards are taken care of we plan to “snowflake” the payments that we would have been making on them into our emergency fund and/or invest them into gold or silver (depending on what the market looks like at that point).

  89. paying bills and more bills

  90. Mabey a small weekend trip.


  92. We are putting our tax return toward a new washer & dryer.

  93. Unfortunately we owe taxes this year. My best tax advice is to try to break even by adjusting your withholdings so the government doesn’t have your money all year.

  94. Unfortunately I have to use mine to pay bills

  95. Not getting a tax return. I don’t like to give the government a free loan. Go to the IRS website and complete their withholding calculator to see if you are having too much or too little withheld.

    • Good advice. You are essentially giving the government an interest free loan. As long as you are careful with your estimations and have enough money in the event you underpaid.

  96. I am going to pay a bills.

  97. With our tax refund we are putting a deck on our house!! Saving $$ by doing it ourselves

  98. became a FB fan

  99. My tip is to calculate the best deductions so you are even and not letting the government keep your money all year. You could be making interest on that money in savings rather then letting the govt keep it all year long.


  101. We just deposit it in the bank.

  102. we’re going to use it towards a vacation this summer

  103. Responding to some previous posts:

    1) Anyone who worked last year is required to fill out an Income Tax Return,

    2) Each year, the calculation is different, however a single person earning less than $54,000 will receive a return assuming that they made no changes to their witholding tax percentage from 2008

    3) Everyone knows that we have a progressive tax system and 95% of taxes are paid by the top 5% of income earners in this country.

    Whether #3 is fair or not is not my point, it’s only a statement of fact.

    I am going to use proceeds to buy mutual funds or stocks:

    1) Citigroup at $4 per share! This company isn’t going anywhere, and if you have 20 years left, just remember where you got this idea.

    2) UYG is an ETF that tracks the financial industry, and can be purchased for $6.80 per share! The demonized, banking industry represented 30% of earnings in the S&P 500, and when the industry tanked, there was an over-reaction to the downside.

    Please recognize that Citigroup and UYG are household names that if you don’t know, you probably should.

    Best wishes to all,


    • Thanks for sharing that tax information Alex. I’m sure it will come in handy for a lot of the readers.

      Based on my research, please correct me if I am mistaken, but about 55-57%~ of the federal tax share was accounted by the top 5% income percentile.

      While investment is out of the realm of my expertise, it can certainly be a wise choice. But as with any investment, whether it be in the stock market or large purchases like a house, should be carefully planned and examined. It seems that you have done your research.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the discussion.

  104. We used it to pay off a bill and fund our spring break vacation this year.

  105. Our tax return is going toward some home repairs – this long hard cold winter took its toll on the outside of our house and property

    • Sorry to hear that. But the good news is that it looks like its finally passing. I can’t stand winter, and this long one has been particularly rough. Hope your home repairs go alright.

  106. We had to use our tax return to pay our property taxes.

  107. I try to do my best to minimize the amount of tax return I get (without having to pay in), as I’d rather earn interest on my money versus letting the government. So it’s going into savings; it will be ear-marked for a summer vacation if we end up going and if we don’t, it will pay off the last little bit I have on one of my last two credit card balances. Semi-boring, but I think it’s going to take our economy awhile to bounce back, and I’d rather be safe than sorry at the moment.

  108. My refund was spent before I got it – fixing up my house.

  109. We usually ear-mark our tax return for our vacation but this year we are having some landscaping done so that’s where the money is going.

  110. It was our intention to save at least one months worth o f income for “just in case” and purchase new living room furniture. We have purchased the furniture and unfortunately had to already use the remaining portion to cover monthly bills as my husband has been injured and is unable to work at this time.

    • Saving up income as an just in case fund is a great idea. Sorry to hear that your husband’s injury but a roadblock on that.

      Once you are able to fund that start off with a month’s income. When you feel comfortable with the habit, you want to pump that fund to cover a bit more. We recommend to save about 3 month’s income in the fund. This should be enough to cover you from the unexpected.

  111. We will be spending our tax return $$ on gear for our upcoming baby in May!

  112. following you on twitter and tweeted

  113. I am now a facebook fan!

  114. I am going to spend my tax refund ona new purse

  115. We plan on using it towards the principle on our mortgage.

  116. Since I’m self employed and income goes up (a bit) and down (a LOT!), I’m going to put my tax refund into savings for the future ‘down’ times that WILL come!

  117. I am putting it toward bills!

  118. tweeted and I follow on Twitter cdziuba

  119. Carol P Dziuba fan of myMoneyPower on Facebook. Anyone

  120. subscriber in reader

  121. Our tax return will go towards our bills. I know, not very exciting. :(

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  122. I follow you and tweeted.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  123. email subscriber

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  124. Our tax refund is going to pay off medical bills.

  125. Our washer broke so we will be buying a new washer.

  126. I put it in my savings account

  127. I am not getting a return but my best advice is to research which benefits you can claim.

  128. I have an email subscription.

  129. I have received my return and have had work done on the car and paid down some bills!

  130. We saved half and spent half. We don’t get to do much spending on ourselves so it was a nice treat! :)

  131. I paid some bills with my tax return and also bought new laptop.

  132. I have already gotten my federal tax return. We paid our state taxes with part of the money, and fixed the air conditioning in our car with the rest — summer’s on its way!

  133. My wife is a CPA she makes us not owe or pay, so the tax return is uneventful.

  134. I just get a little tax returm. I will probably fill up my gas tank with it.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  135. I already got my tax return and used it to pay down credit card debt

  136. I will go shopping for spring/summer clothes, and save some for a rainy day.

  137. paying off credit card debt.

  138. paying off debt.

  139. Hmmmmm, what to do. This is a matter of a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. My angel says bank it, earn interest and save it for a rainy day. My devil says get a keratin treatment at the salon to have a frizz free summer. The angel will most likely win out because my inner squirrel always gathers nuts for stormy weather.

  140. What i did with my “return” was file it with the IRS. What I did with my refund was buy a new dishwasher.

  141. It won’t be difficult to figure out what to do with our tax refund. We have two big family weddings coming up. That will take care of any extra cash we have around!

  142. sign me up

  143. pay of bills and get out of debt

  144. We are actually putting our refund in savings as a rainy day/emergency fund

  145. I follow on twitter under the name JCHARRIES and tweeted at

  146. I subscribe to the myMoneyTree RSS feed by e-mail.

  147. We won’t receive a tax refund but we won’t have to pay additional taxes either.

  148. We are leaving are tax return in the bank for some backup security.

  149. No tax return here… The best tip is to owe money when it come to taxes. There is no sense in giving the government a free loan.

  150. My tax return was used to pay my insurance.

  151. we put the majority of it in savings & we bought a new camera with a little of it


  152. Haven’t done taxes yet, but if there is a return it will go into savings.

  153. fb fan (Cynthia Conley)

  154. Our tax return is going into the savings.

  155. We put it in the kids education IRA,

  156. Robin M. Candelario

    March 31, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Paying our car insurance; with 5 children and the 4th one beginning to drive; having our car insurance premium payments in the Spring always zaps our tax returns before anything else! Plus my daughter broke her foot and we are getting separate bills for that.

    • I couldn’t imagine making that may auto insurance payments, especially for young drivers. Hope your daughter’s foot heals quickly.

  157. We unfortunately have to pay a rather large tax bill this year. I would tell people to make sure enough is being deducted from your paychecks and to consult a tax advisor if something changes in your tax status.

  158. Half of it will go towards a bill, with the other half we will take a family trip.

  159. I will put it towards my credit card bills.

  160. I will use it for groceries for the next few months.

  161. Ours was spent on catching up on bills, buying baby stuff & taking the kids out for a night.

  162. We did get a tax refund and we used it all to pay down our credit card debt.

  163. When i HAD a job i would use the tax return money for…well selfish me, buying a pretty top again!

  164. Facebook Fan!
    name:Erin Mize

  165. Subscribed to myMonkeyTree’s RSS feed!

  166. We paid bills with it and bought some much needed summer clothes for our girls. Thank you!

  167. I still have to do my taxes, ugh!

  168. We got the first time homebuyers $8000 bonus. We put a down payment on our Ridgeline. Thanks for the chance.

  169. I am horrible with taxes so I don’t have any tips. I also am going to owe this year so I won’t be doing anything with the money.

  170. We aren’t expecting a refund this year. If we get one, we’ll put the money towards our Disney Vacation.

  171. I am going next Thursday to Anahiem California to watch the Twins play the Angels with my tax money


  172. Twitter follower – parkerozgood

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    Parker Ozgood


  174. I am getting a refund, but just barely. It should be just enough to cover a new pair of summer sandals.

  175. We will actually get to enjoy a family vacation this year!

    ashaldridge (at) gmail (dot) com

  176. We’re planning on buying a new car

  177. Didn’t get much back…So I think I’m going to use it this weekend to have a fun time at the Mall of America with my best friend!

  178. I have to pay this year. My tip is if you’re collecting unemployment, have them take the taxes out from your weekly check.

  179. I became a fan on facebook.

  180. I am not getting one but i think doing something little with the whole family once a year with some of the money is a nice idea.

  181. New shoes, treadmill, maybe a kindle.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  182. We are going to use the money to pay down our credit cards.

  183. I plan to use it to help pay for a hearing aid.

  184. We will put the tax refund in the bank to make up for the money we already used to buy a piece of furniture and new laminate for our family room

  185. Ifollow you on Twitter (grandma3710)
    tweet here

  186. I am a fan on facebook and I wrotw on your wall

  187. I am subscribed to your blog through Google Reader

  188. Well, I used the state refund to pay my city taxes and I’ll use the federal to pay other bills.

  189. I had to pay $3K plus penalties. My tip is, make sure your withholding at work is accurate! Our office accountant messed mine up.

  190. We are going to put it towards our vacation

  191. I’m going to put our meager refund toward our home equity line of credit loan!

  192. I’m a facebook fan

    Debra Ford

  193. I subscribe to your feed via google reader

  194. I’m going to buy new clothes, which I so seldom get to do!

  195. I plan on paying some credit card bills with my refund!

  196. I have to pay tax this year

  197. I paid off two of my credits cards with my refund…and I’m also buying a bike :)

  198. We have a lot of medical bills that will be using our tax refund.

  199. We used our tax return already! It went to pay off a cruise..every year we use the money to pay for a cruise for us, but next years will be used for a new roof being that this huge storm we just had caused a leak :(

  200. We have already received our refund and paid some bills and saved the rest

  201. Pretty simple…I’m saving it.

  202. Our refund will go toward a new refridgerator. It isn’t very exciting but we need a new one badly. Thanks for the giveaway.

  203. I’m using mine on airplane tickets.

  204. Email subscriber.

  205. Thank you for the giveaway. Our tax refund has been received and is gone so I can share what we did with it.

    My husband and I was working temporary jobs and we used the money to pay off bills and pay up some bills to stay afloat for a little while. We also treated our children to some new things and we did treat ourselves as well.

  206. We dont get refunds-always have to pay since hubby is self employed.My tax tip would be make donations before the end of the year to Salvation Army or Hospice and ask for a receipt.

  207. Twitter following -tweet-

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  209. Subscribed to rss feed

  210. Were using ours to fix the car and pay bills.

  211. The money I get back is going straight to paying the credit card. It’s been tough in our one income household. Thanks for the giveaway!

  212. We are going to pay off our credit cards and one of my student loans

  213. This year’s tax returns are going towards home repairs/improvements and something everyone will love… puppies! :)

  214. I am using my tax refund to pay off some bills so we have more money we can use each month.

  215. I am a fb fan!/jeanette.huston?ref=profile

  216. I subscribed to your feed;-)

  217. I’m only getting a small refund this year, and I will spend it on new summer clothing.

  218. I payed off a large chunk of what i owed on my car and used the rest to open a savings account.

  219. I’m putting it towards baby gear for the little one on the way!

  220. We are putting the refund in a savings account for a rainy day.

  221. I’m not getting a tax return but I don’t owe either!!

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  222. I don’t work in the summer, so my tax return covers our expenses during the summer months.

  223. We’re going to pay our car insurance. Not too exciting, huh?

  224. We will be catching up on other bills with our very small tax return. Thanks!

  225. I’m paying bills with my refund.

  226. Saving it to pay property taxes in May.


  227. I need to fix my sewer system. I know, it sounds so exciting.

  228. Its all going to pay bills.

  229. Mine will be going straight into my savings account!

  230. We are planning a move towards the end of this coming summer and we desperately need to replace some of our basic items such as towels so as mundane as the answer is that’s what I will be doing with my tax refund!

  231. I’m subscribed to your RSS feed in Google Feed Reader!

  232. I’m going to use it to go to the Dr’s. I need so much done and just haven’t the money. My co-pays and out of pocket are so high.

  233. My tax return has already been spent on a trip to Vegas last weekend.

  234. Would love to win!!

  235. Not getting a refund – and that’s my best tax advice. Set aside money in an account that earns you interest and pay in a little at tax time. No point in giving the government an interest free loan.

  236. We’re using it to pay down the principle on some existing debts!

  237. I follow you on twitter (@GMERRELL) and tweeted at

  238. I subscribe to the myMoneyTree e-mail feed.

  239. no refund here,,my best tip is to get receipts for all charitable donations and keep them!

  240. Not getting a refund here, but my best tip is to make sure and double check your ss#! Get that wrong and you’re in trouble.

  241. Our refund is going to towards a new washer, and then if any is left, it’s going into savings.

    • Be sure to look into the Cash for Appliances program before you make that purchase. You can get a lot of money back from purchasing an EnergyStar washer.

  242. Since I am unemployed,I am going to apply the money from my tax refund to my property taxes.

  243. I became a fan of myMoneyPower on Facebook.

  244. I became a fan of myMoneyPower on Facebook.

  245. We are going to put it in a 529 plan for our children’s college education.

  246. we used our tax refund to help pay down the medical bills we have from our 2 year old daughter’s health issues. it felt good to see that number get smaller!!

  247. With our tax return, we plan to buy new mattresses for our bed and the kids’ beds, and put the rest into an “emergency fund” for unforeseen expenses, such as car repairs or medical bills. Thanks for the giveaway!

  248. I’m following you on twitter (@guettel78), and I tweeted:

  249. I subscribed to your RSS feed in google reader:

  250. Paying medical bills, mostly, unfortunately, is where our return is going.

  251. Mine will go to pay off a bill!

  252. I’ll be buying a new stove as mine is on it’s last leg.

  253. We’re combining our tax refund with the Cash for Appliances rebate program and getting a new dishwasher

  254. We were gonna get our electricity turned back on but we didn’t get it (though we were expecting it) because of a past creditor. Now we’re stuck with no electricity because of it.

  255. With all the tax changes this year, we’re getting A LOT back. So we’ll put it in the bank for now and then FINALLY get somebody to redo our bathroom so we can use the shower that’s been unusable for 2 years now. It leaks, but the tiles have to come out to fix the leak, but the tiles cover the entire bathroom. And the tiles are avocado which (thankfully!) no longer exist. So we’re looking at mucho bucks here!

  256. I follow you on twitter and tweeted:

  257. I became a facebook fan – barbara wright

  258. I subscribe with google reader

  259. not expecting a refund this year; in the past, we have done home improvements with the return

  260. became facebook fan

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  262. We got our tax return in feb&have spent it on mostly stuff for the house.Paint,carpet,molding,doors etc…


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  265. I file for extensions every year. As I’m long-term unemployed, I will put the refund towards bills.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  266. i follow on twitter – js22222222 .

  267. I’m a fan on facebook-Joanne Schultz.

  268. I subscribe to your blog’s feed via google reader.

  269. Our money is all going straight to bills! :(

  270. We will be paying bills but we arent getting a large amount back anyways so just trying to maintain.

  271. Following you on Twitter (id- checkkers) & Tweeted.

  272. I Became a fan of myMoneyPower on Facebook, id-checkers casson

  273. subscribed by RSS feed. skyskyaa11(at)

  274. Just use it to pay bills.

  275. Shelley Mitchell

    April 5, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    We are going to pay of some bills!!

  276. Save for a rainy day.

  277. I’ll be paying bills with it.

  278. facebook fan Susan S.

  279. tweet 4/5

    I will use my refund to buy Christmas gifts and stock up on cat food.

  280. we are going to pay off a car payment

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  282. I will use the money to decorate my new apartment:)

  283. I subscribe by email:)

  284. I’m paying off a credit card with my return

  285. tax tip: use a traditional IRA to keep taxes down. When you withdraw money by the time you are 59, you might be in a lower tax bracket and therefore pay lower taxes on that IRA than what you would have done now.

  286. I am not getting money back but if I was I would pay some bills.

  287. Francine Anchondo

    April 5, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    I am going to pay some bills.

  288. We went to Europe with our tax return.

  289. I plan to pay dental bills with my tax refund.

  290. I am planning nothing special for the refund other than socking it away in the bank for a rainy day!

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    rich hicks

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    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  294. We might use our money to get to cheeseburgers from McDonalds (off the value menu).

  295. your FB fan

  296. Some is for summer camp for my son, and the rest goes into savings. Thanks

  297. fan on facebook.


  298. I will be paying off some bills!

  299. My best tax tip is to document EVERYTHING!

  300. I’m subscribed to your RSS feed in my Google Reader.

  301. Thanks for the giveaway…my tax refund is going towards the purchase of a new laptop.

  302. Following you via Twitter: @brianpiero


  303. …subscribed via RSS-Yahoo.

  304. We always use our tax refund for a family vacation. This year is no different!

  305. Make a mortgage payment and save the rest.

  306. subscribed by reader

  307. I haven’t done my taxes yet. I’m kind of afraid to. My tip is to never entirely trust those online fill-in-the-forms tax helpers. Liberty Tax had some sort of setting that caused my 1099 not to be added in a couple of years ago. I ended up having to pay back taxes plus a couple hundred bucks in penalties. Do the math yourself!

  308. I am going to the beach with my return. I can’t wait!! I need it bad.


  309. Using the money to pay off bills.

  310. Buying the kids a swingset and small pool! Woo-hoo!! :)
    onefrugalmama [at] yahoo [dot] com

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