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I have chosen a gas card as the first step on My Credit Journey. If you missed that post, it is my 6 month journey to build up credit and get accepted for a decent rewards credit card; after being rejected twice. As a recent college graduate with no credit history, I am looking to build up my credit to help get lower interest rates for big purchases that might be around the corner for me (car, house, etc.). I have identified a gas card as a good opportunity to start building credit.

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Throughout my college years I always received random pre-approved credit cards in the mail. They all ended up in the same place, the garbage. Without a steady job I knew a credit card wasn’t a good idea in my situation. I had friends and family who got in trouble with credit cards at a early age and are still paying for their mistakes today, literally. Now that I am a college graduate with a steady fulltime job I find myself struggling to obtain one of those cards that got thrown ever so nonchalantly into my garbage can. I’ve been rejected twice by major credit card companies for the very same reason, No Credit History. Which, in my mind, raised a very large and obtuse question mark. How do I build credit if you won’t give me a credit card?

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