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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Joe Gaudino
Dec 08, 2009

Like most things in life that are not easy, setting a specific and achievable financial goal helps you to focus your energy and activity more effectively. It takes about ten minutes to complete the MyMoneypower Program Assessment and establish a monthly MoneyPower Goal. For most people, achieving the goal means finding ways to save money by reducing costs. For example if achieving your goal requires you to reduce costs by $50 per month, you can focus on small adjustments in your spending patterns to make that happen. We are creatures of habit and finding $1.66 per day in savings is not hard. On the other hand if your goal requires you to reduce spending by $800 per month you will need to focus on larger more difficult changes. In some cases you have to focus on savings and also on supplementing your income to achieve your goal.

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