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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Derek Allen
Derek Allen
Apr 07, 2010

For our last giveaway we asked our readers if they were getting a tax refund and how they were spending it. We received over 350+ responses and quite a few interesting answers. I examined all the responses and broke them down into pie charts. You should be able to notice quite a few trends in personal finance. Some expected, others not so much.

Are you expecting a tax refund?


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Feb 22, 2010


I have been reading today and based on some of my research on my other blog posts, it sparked a question that I wanted to put up here for discussion:

How do you distinguish between your wants and needs?

I know a lot of us feel that some of our wants are in fact needs but what really drives you to know the difference? We had discussed about keeping a journal or diary of your spending for a month or two have you had any success?

Photo Credit: swanksalot

Feel free to comment, I am just trying to see how you stand with your financial goals!!


Since the economy started doing so poorly, citizens like you and I started saving instead of spending. The actual numbers are that people were saving about 1% of disposable income and that jumped to 5%. Since the economy is returning it has slid to about 3% of income. This economic situation has made people aware of the need for savings. The important question is:

How many of you will only make this a goal for a short time until you feel comfortable with your job situation or the value of your house starts to climb back up?

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