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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds
Mar 11, 2010


When I was a kid one way, other than cutting lawns, to make a little extra money was to recycle cans and bottles. I spent hours stomping aluminum cans down to a 1/4 inch to make more fit in the bag. My parents helped by taking me to the recycling center to turn them in. Today that concept is still in place. There are more and more recycling centers around that take glass, aluminum, and scrap metal in exchange for money. But now you are able to recycle things for money that in the old days would go to the landfill.

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Did you know that you could earn cash back and rewards when you go out to eat?  Not many people know about dining rewards so I though I would share them with you.  I have been using two free dining reward programs for a couple of years – and  Open Table is a restaurant reservation website that you can earn reservation points that are in turn redeemable for restaurant gift certificates.  Rewards Network is a program in which you choose your reward program such as cash back or airline miles and receive these rewards when you dine at participating restaurants.

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