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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds
Mar 24, 2010


Yikes. As our Vice President stated “this is a big deal”. Maybe not those exact words, but it is a big deal. If nothing else, it means major changes to the norm. The new law creates risk and controls risk all over the place. Individuals, employers, and insurance companies will have to determine the amount of risk they are willing to accept in the years to come. Individuals will need to determine if their financial status affords them the ability to purchase coverage versus just taking the $695 annual penalty from the Government, and determine if money or coverage are more important. Employers will need to do the same given a $2000  annual penalty per employee. They may find it in their best interest to not offer health insurance and just take the penalty. Insurance companies need to do some major number crunching to determine the number of members they will need, and will be able to get, to be able to stay profitable given they will be mandated to take anyone regardless of health. On the other hand 32 million Americans may now have the ability to control some risk by being able to purchase health insurance that they were previously not eligible for.  Allegedly this new law will make health insurance more affordable to everyone, but I have not seen plans or an explanation of how that will happen. All of us will need to do some serious research in the coming years to determine the right path for us.

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