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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Anne Arbogast
Anne Arbogast
Feb 17, 2010

Interested in hosting a MyMoney Power party, but not sure who to invite?

Mix It Up!


Think about a recipe and follow these simple steps:  Start with Friends as they are people you enjoy telling about new ideas!  Fold in your Relatives – whether it is your brother, sister or cousin-as a part of the foundation of your party’s invitees.   Combine your Friends and Relatives with Acquaintances new to your social or work circle and your MyMoney Power party is well on its way!  Now, Blend in your Neighbors, to join and your recipe for a great party is complete.  Wait!  Don’t forget to tell your invited guests to bring their spouse!  Top off your party with your MyMoney Power Representative and you have a MyMoney Power Party invitation list!

MyMoney Power offers two easy options for sending invitations – via email or a postcard – and you can ask your MyMoney Power Representative to help you with either option.  Be sure to take some time a few days before the MyMoney Power party to remind everyone to attend – it won’t be a party without them!

Photo Credit: redjar

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