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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Derek Allen
Derek Allen
Oct 29, 2009


Halloween is right around the corner and you don’t have to break the bank to throw a really good party. Follow these tips and you could have your monster bash for as little as $20.


  • If you have to buy anything, save money by shopping at your local Dollar Store.
  • Save money on invitations by doing them online. If all of your friends are on facebook, create an event and invite them. If not, use a website like evite or mypunchbowl. They have tons of Halloween invitations you can use for free.


  • Plan the party to start after dinner. You will only have to worry about providing light snacks and drinks.
  • Ask the guests to bring their favorite snack, candy, or drink. If everyone brings a little something you don’t have to spend anything!
  • If you do plan on providing candy or snacks, buy it in bulk. Use the leftovers for Trick or Treaters.
  • Use gummy worms or food coloring to add a creepy accent to your food. You can even stick the worms in ice cubes; Be creative!


  • Use extra cardboard you have laying around to create decorations. Cut out tombstones or bats and decorate them with some craft paint.
  • Cover the furniture with extra white sheets. Not only will it turn your home into a haunted house, it will protect your furniture from spills.
  • Go outside and take advantage of the season. Use leaves or twigs to add to the haunted theme.
  • Utilize creative lighting and shadows to create a creepy ambiance.
  • Save money by using dry ice instead of a fog machine. You can find it at your local grocery for fairly cheap. Be careful handling it.
  • Save and re-use decorations for next year.


  • There are tons of scary movies airing during October. A lot of stations will air marathons around Halloween. Save money by leaving the TV on these stations instead of buying a couple of movies for the party.
  • Save money on music by playing music off of your iPod or tuning into a radio station. You could even ask a friend to bring some Halloween music. Everyone has that friend with a crazy music collection. If playing it from a computer is an option, create a Halloween station on Pandora, or search for movie soundtracks on MoMuPl. They are both absolutely free to use.
  • Have each guest or couple bring a pumpkin to carve. Turn it into a contest and offer a novelty prize for the winner.


  • Save money on a costume by coming up with a cheap and easy solution. Be one of your favorite characters from a TV show or movie.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune buying a Halloween costume ensemble. Shop at Goodwill or a consignment center for used items. You’re only going to wear it once, why spend a lot?
  • Be creative and use word play. Throw on a ribbon and a gift tag that says, “God’s Gift to Women/Men”. Or put on some scrubs and a name tag that says, “Dr. Acula”. The possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget, a Halloween party is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash. Take 30 minutes out of the event to throw a myMoneyPower party and share some financial ideas with your guests. You could earn as much as $100 with little to no extra preparation. More information is available here.

The key to spending less on your Halloween party is being creative. Think outside the box for new and clever ways to cut the cost out of Halloween. I hope you enjoy your Halloween party and if you have any other tips for a cheap Halloween party or costume ideas share them below!

Photo Credit: hanna_horwarth

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