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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds
Jan 20, 2010

All of us have experienced what seems to be one of the most brutal winters in recent history. You can make your home feel warmer without turning up the heat. One way to achieve that is most homes in Florida, where I live, have ceiling fans. By turning the ceiling fan in reverse in the winter time, air pooled near the ceiling is  circulated back into the living space. This easy step can save up to 10% of your heating bill. You can also turn down your thermostat when you leave the house for the day. Another very easy step that will reduce your bill. Why heat the home when you’re not there? A great tip year-round is to change the filter in your furnace. A clogged filter makes your furnace work harder, therefore increasing your energy costs. And lastly, you can caulk and use weatherstripping around doors and windows. Why let that heat that you paid for escape? These are just a few ideas of how to keep the heat in and the cold out without breaking the bank.


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