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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds
Feb 18, 2010


The first electric boat was designed in 1892. Since then many individuals and manufacturers have created their own designs for all types of boats. A regular gas or diesel powered vessel has several drawbacks. The enginesĀ are typically loud, they consume fuel which is costly, and they pollute the environment with their emmissions. Today there are companies that produce electric powered vessels from the size of a rowboat to a container ship. One company has a 20 foot boat the runs on 4 batteries that, when fully charged, can last 10 hours of use without a recharge. They also have another available option…solar panels. The panels go on top of the bimini and continuously charge the batteries so the vessel is completely self sustained. Once I attended a boat show and saw an oval shaped electric boat that had leather covered seating all the way around the inside of the boat. It also had a cover or top made of fiberglass that was held up with 4 or 6 stainless steel poles that, with the flip of a switch, lowered into the gunnels of the boat. The top provided shade for the passengers, had built in lights, and kept the boat dry and clean when not in use. Pretty cool.

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