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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Lauren Chapman
Lauren Chapman
Dec 30, 2009

pumping gas

Gas prices are always jumping higher and higher! This isn’t helping anyone’s wallets, especially with current state of the economy. Here are five simple tips to help you save money on gas!

1. Keep your tires inflated! Under-inflated tires negatively impact your gas consumption efficiency. Inflated tires can improve your gas mileage at an estimated 3.3 percent. Plus, properly inflated tires make driving safer!


2. Get rid of your “Junk in the Trunk”! The more things you have in you car the harder your vehicle has to work to get you places. This equates to more gas consumed than needed. Removing an extra 100 lbs can increase your MPG by 2 percent!

Junk in the Trunk

3. Plan your trips! Instead of going straight home after work, forgetting to pick-up the dog food and then having to make that late night run, why don’t you make a conscientious effort to plan your trips? Obviously, if you are driving more your burning-up more gas! So make your rounds all at once and while you’re at it don’t forget to get your dog food!

dogs in a car

4. Roll your windows up! The outside air is always refreshing but this causes resistance against your vehicle. You might as well put a parachute on the back of your car! When you’re in town (driving at a slow pace) rolling down you windows is a good idea as a substitute for air conditioning; considering that uses up gas as well.


5. Always maintain your vehicle! Using the recommended grade of motor oil can improve your gas mileage by up to 2 percent. Get your car a tune-up; this can improve your MPG up to 4 percent. Not only will maintaining your car be beneficial to you gas mileage, but it will help keep it running longer.


MPG Optimizer

One cool gadget I ran across is a “MPG Optimizer” at Chevrons’ It shows you how your driving habits truly affect the amount of gas you use and how you can change them. This is a great website that puts it into perspective on how the small stuff you do really does make a difference.


The Mythbuster’s did a segment concerning gas mileage and truck tailgates. Check out the video below, the results may surprise you.

Saving money on gas is easy. It’s all about implementation and keeping-up with your cars’ needs. Drive safe & smart!

Share your gas saving tips below!

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