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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds
Mar 11, 2010


When I was a kid one way, other than cutting lawns, to make a little extra money was to recycle cans and bottles. I spent hours stomping aluminum cans down to a 1/4 inch to make more fit in the bag. My parents helped by taking me to the recycling center to turn them in. Today that concept is still in place. There are more and more recycling centers around that take glass, aluminum, and scrap metal in exchange for money. But now you are able to recycle things for money that in the old days would go to the landfill.

There is a company that refurbishes cell phones and gives them to 3rd world countries. They will send you the box postage paid, you give them the phone and the charger, and they send you a check. There are many companies that will pay you to send them your old ink and toner cartridges. They are expensive to produce, so these companies recycle the shell and just add new contents and re-sell them and pay you for them. I saw a power company that was taking old working refrigerators and recycling them in exchange for $30. You can recycle rechargable batteries like laptop batteries, even car batteries that I thought could not be recycled, and get cash for them.

There is another company that is paying with gift certificates and coupons for recycling items that you may already recycle. They provide you with a recycling bin, you place your unsorted items in the bin, when the truck comes by the bin is weighed. The bin has a chip inside and you are credited for the weight of your normal recycling. It’s not available in all states yet, but they are expanding. The more I research it, the more items I find that not only can be recycled, but there are companies willing to pay you for them. Those companies win because it’s much cheaper for them to refurbish an item and re-sell it than to produce a new one. Not to mention they can then make the statement in their marketing that they are a green business.  So before you throw away anything do a little research and you may be able to put a little cash in your pocket.

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5 Responses to “Earn Cash Recycling…The New Way”

  1. This post is good, whenever I just visit blogs I comes across some shitty articles written for search engines and irritate users but this article is quite good. It is simple, good and straightforward.

    • Thank you for the compliment! I try to do my best when posting my blogs.

      Much Appreciated

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    • Thanks for the repeat business. I look forward to your comments on future blogs.

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