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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Lauren Chapman
Lauren Chapman
Feb 11, 2010


By now you have probably heard about the Going Green craze that has hit the public over the last couple years. Reducing your carbon foot print is certainly a noble cause, but what does it actually take to Go Green? Do I really have to trade in my car forĀ  hybrid? Do I have to go run out and buy new energy efficient appliances? While all those would certainly be considered Going Green, they are not practical solutions to get started on the green path. It does not take drastic lifestyle changes to go green and even simpleĀ  changes in your day to day can result in a monumental environmental impact. Here are a few simple ways to Go Green that I implement everyday to help reduce my carbon footprint and save some money in the process.

1. Plastic sandwich baggies are an unnecessary product. They are not reusable and non biodegradable. Instead, buy reusable plastic Tupperware or even better glass containers. Whatever fits your budget.

2. Use your plastic shopping bags for your trash rather than buying garbage bags. It may seem less effective but, if you think about it they are free and are always available. I also use them to pick up after my dogs when I take them for a walk. There are tons of different re-uses for plastic bags, the key is to think outside of the bag!

3. Instead of using paper towel after paper towel, you could tear-up old t-shirts for rags to dust with. While your at it, make homemade cleaners from vinegar, baking soda, and water. It will get the job done just as good as the commercial cleaner.

4. Save water by running only full loads of laundry and dishes. This saves water and money on you electric bill. Top off the energy savings by only using cold water.

5. Save money and reduce packaging waste by buying your groceries in bulk. Look-up coupons online and in the store advertisements to save even more money! You will most likely receive discounts from buying in bulk and you say gas money by cutting out unnecessary trips.

6. Replace you light bulbs with CFL’s. They are pricey at first but, they last longer than the regular old light bulb. The best part is that they save energy and once again save you money.

7. Unplug your electric appliances that you are not using. Believe it or not the plugged-up appliances will use-up energy without your consent! Save yourself some green and unplug-it.

8. Donate or sell your old clothes. Get rid of that dress Aunt Sally gave you that is absolutely horrific! Why keep your closet cluttered with clothes you don’t use, when someone else will value them? Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle people!

Going Green is not only for the Earth’s benefit but for your own as well! It doesn’t take much to get started going green, but once you do you will find it addictive. You will have fun discovering new ways to save the both kinds of green!

Photo Credit: MontyPython

What are some simple tips that you use to go green?

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