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Where Money Really Does Grow on Trees
Joe Gaudino
Jan 26, 2010


As a hybrid owner I have listened to many a person explain to me why buyng a hybrid is a bad deal. They explain that a similar car in the same class would cost less. And that the amount of time and miles I would have to drive the car to recoup the cost difference is too great . Yes, I could have saved $5,000 and bought  a car I did not want. Instead I got what I wanted. It turns out the Prius is the best car I have ever owned. I like the way the engine shuts down when the car is stopped. Suprising the extra torque from the small electric motor and shift free transmition provides a solid feeling of accelleration and driveablity. The car is comfortable, roomy and fun to drive. Hybrid owners don’t have to justify thier choice in car technology anymore than anyone someone choosing four wheel drive, ugpgraded heated seats, super state of the art stereo systems, fuel injected hemi’s or other features that they want. It isn’t about getting the lowest cost car in that class of cars, it’s about getting what you want. In the case of hybrid cars the buyers want to use less fuel per mile driven for reasons that transend the current price per gallon. It’s ok if you don’t get it, but please understand that the ”hybrids don’t make economic sense” argument is flawed.

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